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MindCoord Ads are for every business. Become a part of Metaverse's everyday life with a revolutionary Interactive Reality experience.

Tell your story with culture's favorite 3D experience
to engage Millenials and Gen Z
(Demo Only) Coca-Cola
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Tap into unique engagement solutions and immersive formats to creatively and authentically connect with audiences around the world.

New Generation 

Grow your

millenials and Gen Z audience


Tell your story with culture’s favorite 3D experience
to engage Millenials and Gen Z

New Generation 

The Fantacy version

of Brand.

Leveraging high-profile partnerships to give your clients a digital presence that can spice up what they’re sharing on social media and beyond.

Data Driven

Get results that matter to you

MindCoord Ads Middle Platform creates, distributes, customizes, measures, and optimizes campaigns to support both brand and activation goals.

Flexible pricing

Monitor performance

With a minimum daily budget of $5, Monitor your campaign
performance in real-time, and adjust your budget as you go.

Set a budget that works for you

Adjust when you need, start or stop

Pay when user interact with it